Improve your Forex currency trading strategy. Step 6: Stress destroys Forex success

Well, it is time for you to graduate the six steps Forex currency trading school, so, congratulations, you are a great student! For this big event, we have been keeping one last important lesson for you to learn, because, beside all those financial instruments, market analysis and way to succeed into this business, there is one rule that you should never break: Keep calm! [Continue reading]

Improve you Forex currency trading strategy. Step 5: Fundamental analysis

forex currency trading fundamental analysisYes, there is a second type of financial analysis, which could help make incredible deals: fundamental analysis. What definition is the best to describe how does this theory work? Well, fundamental analysis is the study of fundamentals! Does`t it seem simple? Well, is it not that easy?
So, let`s go back to the serious thing and see together how and why should you use fundamental analysis for making successful currency trading. [Continue reading]

Investing: The Smart Way to Get Ahead With Your Personal Finances


The United States is in the middle of a revitalization period of its small economies. All throughout the country, small town markets and main street economies are rising from the ashes of both the Great Depression and the recent recession and housing … [Continue reading]

The Secret of Understanding Payroll Tax

FICA tax, or Federal Insurance Contributions Act Tax, is a federal employment tax in the United States, imposed both on earning employees and employers to contribute to Medicare and Social Security funds. Medicare offers comprehensive hospital … [Continue reading]

Payday Loans Are An Easy Solution In An Emergency

The economy is tough, and many people are struggling to get by financially. Most people are able to get by paycheck to paycheck, but struggle when emergencies arise. When the car needs a necessary repair, when the appliances break down, or when a … [Continue reading]

Global Markets Daily Report – January 6, 2014. Europe’s Major Indices Modest Gains, US Closed Mixed

Europe’s leading indices opened on a negative note on the second trading day of the new year, chiefly because the purchasing managers’ index that gauges the activity of China’s services sector sank to a four-month low in December. In the rest of the … [Continue reading]

Global Markets Daily Report – January 3, 2014. Dollar

The year began with profit-taking: following the leading advanced markets’ +15-25% gains last year, many investors took profits on the first trading day of 2014. As a result, Europe’s key indices sank 0.5-1.6%, while their US peers closed 0.8-1.1% in … [Continue reading]