Improve your Forex currency trading strategy. Step 6: Stress destroys Forex success

Well, it is time for you to graduate the six steps Forex currency trading school, so, congratulations, you are a great student! For this big event, we have been keeping one last important lesson for you to learn, because, beside all those financial instruments, market analysis and way to succeed into this business, there is one rule that you should never break: Keep calm! [Continue reading]

Improve you Forex currency trading strategy. Step 5: Fundamental analysis

forex currency trading fundamental analysisYes, there is a second type of financial analysis, which could help make incredible deals: fundamental analysis. What definition is the best to describe how does this theory work? Well, fundamental analysis is the study of fundamentals! Does`t it seem simple? Well, is it not that easy?
So, let`s go back to the serious thing and see together how and why should you use fundamental analysis for making successful currency trading. [Continue reading]

Sentiment in Forex Trading

With an average of $4.3 billion in annual trading, the forex market is the largest investment market in the world. Having so much competition makes it necessary to gain an edge over other investors, including the hordes of speculators that trade … [Continue reading]

How to Use the Different Types of Standard Mileage Rates

Did you know there are other types of miles you can drive and deduct on your federal tax return? The standard mileage rate isn't only for business miles. There are medical miles and charity miles too. What in the world are charity miles? Charity … [Continue reading]

Comparing the many home loans of Australia

With an increase in the number of banks and lenders, there has been a surge in the number of types of home loans available in the market. In addition, this has also increased the necessity of understanding different home loans, which home loan suits … [Continue reading]

Trade Forex and generate a passive income

Passive income is an income which comes from a source on a regular basis and requires almost no effort or active work, usually it may require some work in order to get it started. How to generate a passive income by trading Forex? Trading Forex … [Continue reading]

An Introduction to Energy Trading and Risk Management

The persisting fluctuations in Energy and Financial markets have called for cooperation between energy companies and energy derivers to manage the volatility. Irrespective of whether the energy companies are regulars or interim partners, they can be … [Continue reading]

The importance of trading with a regulated binary options broker

Binary options trading has become a popular way of investment used by novice and experienced traders around the world. Increased popularity has much to do with the ease of use offered by online binary options brokers. As oppose to older online … [Continue reading]

Maximizing Profits with FX Trade Copying and PAMM Tools

With any Forex trading system you have the opportunity of making losses as well as gains. Trading foreign exchange on your own can be stressful as well as time consuming. Not to mention if you are using software you have to make sure that it is … [Continue reading]

Three Tips to Becoming a Profitable Binary Options Trader

So, you want to start trading binary options and start bringing in the big bucks…right? Well, before you can start withdrawing profits on a consistent basis, there’s a lot of work that needs to be done beforehand. Here are three mega-valuable tips to … [Continue reading]

Investing: The Smart Way to Get Ahead With Your Personal Finances

The United States is in the middle of a revitalization period of its small economies. All throughout the country, small town markets and main street economies are rising from the ashes of both the Great Depression and the recent recession and housing … [Continue reading]

The Secret of Understanding Payroll Tax

FICA tax, or Federal Insurance Contributions Act Tax, is a federal employment tax in the United States, imposed both on earning employees and employers to contribute to Medicare and Social Security funds. Medicare offers comprehensive hospital … [Continue reading]